CEULAJ” stands for “Centro Eurolatinoamericano de Juventud”, occupies an area of 100 sq. km. and is one of the largest and best equipped centres for young people.
The facilities and services offered are mainly:
  • Double  and single rooms
  • Dining  Room
  • Two function rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Sports and Leisure  facilities: Sports hall,  courts and swimming pool
  • Campsite
  • Car Park
  • Laundry
  • Green  areas


  • There are towels and sheets in the rooms
  • Bring swimwear, flip-flops, a towel and sun cream for the swimming pool
  • There is air conditioning in bedrooms and classrooms, so bear this in mind as you may want to take some extra clothing with you
  • Air conditioning in a few rooms can be noisy sometimes and cannot be turned off in some cases, so bring ear plugs if you think this could be a problem for you.
  • Neither the management at CEULAJ nor the Spanish Suzuki Federation can be held responsible for valuables and money left in the rooms or other facilities at CEULAJ
At the entrance of the dining hall there will be a sign with information of the menu.
It’s very important to respect the meal shifts, be punctual and, above all, leave the dining hall as soon as you finish your meal to allow others to use your table.

If the last day (30th July) you would prefer to have a packed lunch instead of having your meal in the dining hall, please, inform us before the start of the Workshop. We will inform the Kitchen staff so that they can prepare a packed lunch for the trip.


Arrival on 25th july
  • You can arrive at CEULAJ and settle in your room from 12 noon, but lunch is not included, unless you have signed up for it
  • 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm: Reception. Handing out of timetables and other materials.
  • 7.00 pm Opening
  • 7.30 pm Play-together by instruments
 During reception you will be given a name badge (it has the purpose of identifying the different types of attendees such as Teachers, Observers, Families, Students and Organizing team) which you will have to wear at all times, both if you are a student or an adult (it is compulsory to get into classes and all activities).


Should you have any questions or a problem arise, do not hesitate to contact a member of the organization team (identified with an orange badge) and we will try to do our best to help. If you cannot find us, go to reception and ask them to find us.


According to Spanish Law, you need to specify that you freely give us your data and that you understand how your data is treated by the organization. Your statement:
I CERTIFY that all details in this registration are true
I CONSENT that my personal details are incorporated into the Spanish Suzuki Federation  and the Spanish National Workshop database, understanding that they will use them in a responsible way.
I have the RIGHT to cancel or modify such data by contacting the organization.
I AUTHORIZE Spanish Suzuki Federation to make responsible use of all the images of the people involved in my registration, understanding that the use of those images will  always be managed responsibly by the organization.
As guardian of underage students signed up for this course I UNDERSTAND that I can make video and audio recordings of my children’s lessons as long as I have explicit confirmation from the teacher and I MAKE THE COMMITMENT to keep them for private use only. I WILL NOT UPLOAD THEM TO ANY KIND OF PUBLIC/SOCIAL NETWORK.


By completing this registration, I ACCEPT the terms and conditions referent to payments:
I have to pay the fees in full by the date set up in my confirmation e-mail.
NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail immediately, please contact the organization at:
If you receive the confirmation e-mail, please wait three days before making the payment. This time gives the organization the chance to inform you if there is any problem with availability of your request.
The payment must be completed in full between 3 to 11 daysafter the registration is received. If we don’t receive the payment, the organization has the right to cancel your registration.
In case you have to cancel your registration after the payment has been made:
Before the 31st of May: you will receive 75% of the total amount.
After the 31st of May: No reimbursement will be possible.