All participants will pay a Workshop Fee and an Accommodation Fee.

The Workshop Fee will depend on the category of the participant.

The Accommodation Fee will depend on the age of the participant.

All prices are in EUROS and include all taxes.

***The deadline for all ESVG 2019 registrations is January 8, 2019.




Workshop fee

Parent 70€
The parents Workshop fee is reduced to zero for all parents (including grandparents) after the first.
Suzuki Teacher/Observer 90€
Suzuki Viola student 110€
A 10% reduction of the Workshop Fee will apply to Viola Pupils after the first in a family
Sibling/Other (Non-violist) 35€


Age on Feb 15, 2019

Accommodation at Casa San Jose*

Meal package - No accommodation **

15 years and older 115€ 70€
children 10-14 years old 90€ 70€
children 4-9 years old 70€ 70€
children 0-3 years old free free

*          Includes 2 nights accommodation, 6 meals and 2 snacks
**        Includes 4 meals and 2 snacks