Britsh Suzuki Gala Week


Publicado por FEMS el día 30/09/2019

Britsh Suzuki Gala Week

Royal Albert Hall

Abril 2020



Over Easter 2020, the British Suzuki Institute is delighted to be presenting the British Suzuki Gala Week – a celebration and showcase of the International Suzuki community from across the UK and Europe. The week and its exciting series of events is the second time we have hosted such an event in the UK. The first Gala Week in 2016 was one of the most spectacular and memorable occasions in the history of our organisation.

The British Suzuki Gala Week is made up of three parts;
• Playtogethers (these do not conflict with the Gala Concert so families can attend both)
• The British Suzuki Gala Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
• The National Suzuki Workshop 

With international guest teachers and Suzuki students from all over Europe participating in all three elements, this will be a truly unforgettable musical experience.

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